gnumeric will not install

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Apr 13 12:41:42 PDT 2010

On Apr 12, 2010, at 18:36, reiser.paul at wrote:

> Hi - Moving to step 4 on the migration page, the first try was to install gnumeric, with debug:
> sudo port install gnumeric -d
> I am running X11 terminal, and activated the "Log to file" option. The log file is attached and indicates some errors.

This isn't debug output. This is regular output. To get debug output, you have to use the "-d" flag immediately after the word "port", e.g. "sudo port -d install gnumeric". "-d" has no effect when placed anywhere else on the command line.

However, the output you provided is enough to show you are experiencing this issue:

Installing xorg-libsm first would work around this problem.

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