Upgrade dependents to universal?

Adam Dershowitz dersh at alum.mit.edu
Wed Apr 14 17:33:28 PDT 2010

Here is the problem...I am trying to install wine-devel, but many ports that I have installed are not universal.  So, each time I do:
sudo port install wine-devel

I get things like this:

Error: You cannot install wine-devel for the architecture(s) i386 because
Error: its dependency xorg-libXcursor only contains the architecture(s) x86_64.
Error: Try rebuilding xorg-libXcursor (and all its dependencies) with
Error: the +universal variant by running
Error:     sudo port upgrade --enforce-variants xorg-libXcursor +universal
Error: Target org.macports.configure returned: incompatible architectures in dependencies

OK, no problem, so I do the upgrade, and then I get to the next one that is not universal, so I have to keep watching and repeating.  I will get there, but I don't want to keep monitoring and repeating.

Is there a command that will do something like, "upgrade to universal all dependencies of wine-devel"?  Or, even better, "install wine-devel and upgrade all dependencies as necessary"?



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