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Sat Apr 17 01:49:36 PDT 2010

On Apr 16, 2010, at 4:44 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Apr 16, 2010, at 13:14, Scott Haneda wrote:
>> How can I get the date that the portfile was last updated? Looking at some ports, many do not have livecheck, so I want to know if it is current.
> Also, fixing the livecheck in ports that don't have it or where it doesn't work would be great. I spent some time doing this a few weeks ago; I just looked up  ports that were nomaintainer and where livecheck reported either a new version or an inability to determine if a new version was available. Then I fixed the livecheck and/or updated the port to the latest version, if possible. Oh, and I looked up if there were any tickets filed for the port. I got through many ports whose names begin with a thru k and then got tired of the process. But for example if you wanted to start checking some of the ports whose names begin with l:
> $ port livecheck maintainer:nomaintainer and name:^l

Ok, Ill bite at a few...
These always trip me up anyway, so nothing better to learn on that a big batch of them.

This seems to be the most common of the expressions used:
Has that been determined the preferred method of making that match?

Could you walk me through port "mowitz"
I look at that Portfile and I see the download url is:
If I go to that url, it is 404, I then combine it all to test it:

404 also.  I do not know the commands to do a test download, so I tried:
    $sudo port -yv install mowitz

Did I pick a dead port to start on?  Would you mind walking me through your process of one port, so I know how to do this in a fast way.  If you got from a to k, then you are half there, and must have picked up some tricks along the way.

> Of course, it's easier to fix if you're a committer and don't have to file a ticket for each one. :/

You certainly said it.  What if I did a large batch, could I just send you the folders, or is that way out of procedure?

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