Which GCC does macports use?

Jeff Singleton gvibe06 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 07:13:01 PDT 2010

Ctalk Project <ctalk <at> ctalklang.org> writes:

> So how do I tell macports to use the newly installed compiler?
> Tnx,
> Robert

Having found this out the hard way ... here is the answer:

1.  Using gcc_select (-l to list available versions)
2.  Using configure.compiler=macports-gcc-4.4 on the end of your "port install"

My Experience

GCC44 is not well accepted under OS X.  Finding sources that it can compile is a
wild goose chase.  I'm constantly hitting the "configure: error: C  
> compiler cannot create executables" error, on GCC43, GCC44, and GCC45 under
macports 1.8.2

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