Details regarding PSPP install issue

Rick S. iwannahitthelotto at
Wed Apr 28 07:47:49 PDT 2010


--->  Computing dependencies for pspp
--->  Activating expat @2.0.1_0
Error: The following dependencies failed to build: gsl texinfo gettext
expat libiconv gperf ncurses ncursesw lzmautils gtk2 atk gtk-doc
docbook-xml docbook-xml-4.1.2 xmlcatmgr docbook-xml-4.2 docbook-xml-4.3
docbook-xml-4.4 docbook-xml-4.5 docbook-xml-5.0 docbook-xsl
gnome-doc-utils iso-codes libxslt libxml2 zlib p5-xml-parser pkgconfig
py26-libxml2 python26 bzip2 db46 gdbm openssl readline sqlite3 tk Xft2
fontconfig freetype xrender xorg-libX11 xorg-bigreqsproto xorg-inputproto
xorg-kbproto xorg-libXau xorg-xproto xorg-libXdmcp xorg-util-macros
xorg-xcmiscproto xorg-xextproto xorg-xf86bigfontproto xorg-xtrans
xorg-renderproto tcl xorg-libXScrnSaver xorg-libXext xorg-scrnsaverproto
rarian getopt intltool gnome-common p5-getopt-long p5-pathtools
p5-scalar-list-utils jasper jpeg libpng shared-mime-info tiff
xorg-libXcomposite xorg-compositeproto xorg-libXfixes xorg-fixesproto
xorg-libXcursor xorg-libXdamage xorg-damageproto xorg-libXi
xorg-libXinerama xorg-xineramaproto xorg-libXrandr xorg-randrproto
libglade2 plotutils

When I 
run port install pspp.... it looks for dependencies and builds the list 
but when trying to install them it returns an error the size of a 
paragraph.  I am trying to install pspp on mac osx 10.4.11 (powerpc).  I installed Macports 1.8.2.

any input is appreciated.

Thank you,

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