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John B Brown jbb at vcn.com
Thu Apr 29 09:12:34 PDT 2010

On 4/29/10 9:05 AM, Andrea D'Amore wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 4:43 PM, John B Brown<jbb at vcn.com>  wrote:
>>         Thank you, Andrea. Finally some logic, not personality or abuse. It
>> would be nice to determine what is really happening, not some U-SWAG.
> I can't fully understand what you write.

	See private message.
> Did you grep the output of set as you were suggested? Did you updated
> dyld cache?

	Yes and yes.
> To make it clear at the moment you have deleted your previous macports
> install directory, right?

	Both deleted, and recursively 'wipe'd /opt/local.

> The XQuartz link I provided was missing a dot, it is actually
> <http://xquartz.macosforge.org>.
> You say it's an Apple builtin error but you have to consider that on
> fresh installed systems X11.app works like a charm, you may possibly
> have polluted your env installing some program.

	By "fresh installed systems" do you mean I must wipe my entire disk and 
start all over again to gain that condition? I've reinstalled from the 
gray install discs at least three times; it all gets hazy after so many 

	Could there possibly be some boot setting I have made that would remove 
the version numbers from a system library?

	Could the fact that 'locate' does not find libTIFF.dylib in /usr/lib 
mean the version number is a phony caused by a missing library in /usr/lib?

>>         Shalom,
>>         John B. Brown.


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