libvpx: virtual memory exhausted

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Wed Aug 4 11:39:19 PDT 2010

On Aug 4, 2010, at 2:02 PM, Scott Webster wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 10:57 AM,  <tome at> wrote:
>> The below ticket was closed telling me to use macport gmake.  I  
>> just went
>> through this gmake thing a week or so ago.  At the time I was told to
>> reinstall Xcode 2.5 (  i.e. gmake 3.80 in /usr/bin ) and to sudo  
>> port -d
>> selfupdate, which puts gmake 3,81 in /opt/local/bin, and that is  
>> the way
>> things stand now.  If I did sudo port install libpvx, why would  
>> macport use
>> the /usr/bin/gmake?
>> Guidance please.  Thanks, Tom
> I'm not sure if I'm really answering your question, but things were
> updated 11 hours ago such that if you now:
> sudo port selfupdate
> sudo port clean libvpx
> sudo port install libvpx

My apologizes to the mailing list.  When I read the ticket, all it  
seemed to say was that I should have used a later gmake.  I did not  
realize that it was talking about a macport viewpoint and that the  
fix was something that was actually changed on the macport end.  I  
should have attempted the install process again, before posting to  
the mailing list.  Sorry!  I did get a clean install of libvpx.  Now  
on the ffmpeg.  Thanks for all of everyones help!

> It should use the macports port gmake (which provides
> /opt/local/bin/gmake) and not anything in /usr/bin
> Scott

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