rb-activesupport bad checksums and failing to install

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Thu Aug 5 17:58:49 PDT 2010

On Aug 5, 2010, at 19:39, Jeff Singleton wrote:

> About the checksums ... it happens everytime I have ever tried
> installing this port.  I usually just change the Portfile, clean and
> retry, which seems to end right where I am now.

There's clearly no checksum error happening in the output you showed us; the error is...

>> ERROR:  could not find gem
>> /opt/local/var/macports/distfiles/ruby/activesupport-2.2.2 locally or
>> in a repository

I'm afraid I don't know anything about Ruby or our Ruby ports to be able to help you resolve this.

You filed the ticket for this issue 6 weeks ago:


Unfortunately it looks like the maintainer of the port has not responded.

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