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On 8/19/10 17:26 , vincent habchi wrote:
> Le 19 août 2010 à 19:48, Brandon S Allbery KF8NH a écrit :
>>> I guess "!" has special meaning. You could try:
>> Most modern shells use it for history.  (Since I prefer other interfaces to
>> shell history, I usually disable it; see the manual for your shell.)
>> Backquoting also works to disable its use as a history search.
> Tcsh does not. A grep -r 'q!' works like a charm on my terminal. You can try that, if you're not awfully terrified by going C-shell like! :)

[mress:~] allbery% grep !q /etc/passwd
q: Event not found.
[mress:~] allbery% grep "!q" /etc/passwd
q: Event not found.
[mress:~] allbery% grep '!q' /etc/passwd
q: Event not found.
[mress:~] allbery%

Are you zapping histchars, like I usually do?  (Admittedly, I haven't
checked to see if OSX does it globally.)

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