Can't import GDAL into Python (2.5 or 2.6)

JP Glutting jpglutting at
Fri Aug 20 01:39:52 PDT 2010

I haven't used GDAL from Python before, so I may be failing to understand
something here, but I can't use "import gdal" from either Python 2.5 or
Python 2.6.

I have GDAL installed ("sudo port install gdal +python25 +python26
+sqlite3") and it is listed as active. i had gdal 1.6.2_3 installed before,
and I re-installed with the extra options, but I have the same problem
either way.

When I try "improt gdal" (or "import ogr") or "from osgeo import gdal" [just
in case, for no particular reason], I get an ImportError.

I do have gdal_translate and some other command-line tools, but "which gdal"
and "man gdal" produce nothing.

Is anyone else having this problem? Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!

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