gcc42 hangs - gcc_select

Raphael Attie attie at mps.mpg.de
Mon Feb 1 07:31:31 PST 2010

Le 1 févr. 10 à 16:07, Ryan Schmidt a écrit :

>> Does this solution is valid even if I want to test a third-party  
>> software that calls gcc ? For instance, Matlab is completely  
>> independent from Macports. Will the gcc_select program work only  
>> for "macported" softwares ?
>> For instance, to make Matlab use the version of gcc 4.2 instead of  
>> 4.0 (i have both), i simply change the symbolic links in /usr/bin  
>> so that i can swap from gcc-4.0 to gcc-4.2. I can then restore the  
>> original links whenever a software needs the original gcc. This was  
>> quite handy for me. Is gcc_select really a cleaner solution than  
>> this ?
> Yes, it is.
> Apple's gcc_select will handle changing the symlinks in /usr/bin for  
> you.
> Our gcc_select will make the same kind of symlinks but in /opt/local/ 
> bin. So all you have to do is have /opt/local/bin in your PATH,  
> which the MacPorts installer should have already done for you, and  
> now any software you build that wants "gcc" will use MacPorts gcc.
> Note that using gcc_select (Apple's or ours) will have no effect for  
> any port built using MacPorts. It only has effect for software you  
> build manually on the command line.

I understand. Indeed, my PATH does contain the /opt/local/bin.

However, as the order of appearance in PATH matters, the software I  
build manually will use whichever gcc comes first, right ? In which  
case, if the macports-gcc pointed by the /opt/local/bin and the one in  
usr/bin are different, one will have to play a bit with the PATH's  
order, is that correct ? In the present case, as /opt/local/bin comes  
first in the PATH, the default will be to use the macported gcc. Is  
that correct ?

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