#23312: Unable to detect PHP version

John Korchok jkorchok at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 4 13:40:46 PST 2010

I originally wrote about not being able to upgrade php5-oracle on one
server. Now the problem exists on two servers. Ryan gave the advice to
replace the usr/bin/HEAD with the original /user/bin/head. I finally got
around to trying this. /usr/bin does not contain "HEAD", it contains only
"head". This head is dated August 22, 2005 like all the other versions of
head on all my other Macs that have Tiger installed. Running a binary
comparison to head from a Mac that never had LWP installed shows them to be
identical files. 
I now get the "Unable to detect PHP version" error on two G4 servers that
have Tiger installed. What else could be causing the error?

John Korchok 

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