No application when installing gimp2

Russe macports at
Sat Feb 6 09:37:38 PST 2010

Thanks for your hint about the gimp-app port. I installed this port  
and now there's the gimp application in the macports folder.

Unfortunately when starting gimp (double click on the application)  
will crash after some seconds. The menu and the tools are visible for  
some seconds and then gimp crashes. As well I noticed another window  
starting with gimp which has the name "gimp-2.6" in the dock, this  
window will abort as well.

Do you have any idea what's wrong here?

Am 06.02.2010 um 12:14 schrieb Ryan Schmidt:

> On Feb 6, 2010, at 04:59, Russe wrote:
>> I'm new to macports and run into a problem when installing Gimp on  
>> my MacBook Pro 2.2 with OS X 10.5.8.
>> First I installed macports itself and had no problems with.
>> Because I don't like X11 I tried gimp2 with the variant no_x11 and  
>> quartz, therefore I used the command
>> sudo port install gimp2 +no_x11 +quartz
>> 5 or 6 hours later the installation has been finished but there was  
>> no gimp application at my macports folder.
>> Because I changed network connection during installation I removed  
>> all the stuff again with command
>> sudo port -f uninstall installed
>> Next installation ended as well without the application at the  
>> macports folder :(
>> Do I need to install gimp as well or should be gimp2 enough? Is  
>> there any other installation needed to get Gimp running without X11?
> Welcome to MacPorts!
> To install the gimp application, install the port gimp-app in  
> addition to the gimp2 port.
> To see what any port installs, use "port contents" (e.g. "port  
> contents gimp2").

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