MAC OSX 10.6 configd overwrites DNS and routing from OpenVPN

Bradley Giesbrecht brad at
Sun Feb 7 11:06:43 PST 2010

On Feb 7, 2010, at 10:53 AM, Michael Hieb wrote:

> Yes. I may have missed a trick, so tell me if you think I got it  
> wrong.
> 1. Can be used to change DNS setting permanently for interfaces  
> which exist in the configd configuration, e.g. Ethernet/Airport
> 2. Cannot be used to put default routing in the configd configuration.
> What you need (and I haven't been able to figure out how to do this)  
> is a way to use networksetup to tell configd about the tap interface  
> and what DNS and routing are associated with the tap interface. Sort  
> of like what you can do in the dynamic configuration with ifconfig  
> and scutil which works until configd comes along and clobbers your  
> settings.
> So networksetup will do things like
> networksetup --setdnsserver [ETHERNET|AIRPORT] x.x.x.x
> When what you want is something like
> networksetup --setdnsserver [TAP] x.x.x.x
> networksetup -setdefaultroute [TAP] g.g.g.g
> If you see what I mean...


Also a quick look at osx server and I see they are using vpnd but we  
may still be able to discover something there.

BTW, you want openvpn because with vpnd you cannot connect to some  
other vpn device?
That is my reason. vpnd does not appear to support as many remote  
configurations. I needed ipsec and it didn't look promising with vpnd.

// Brad

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