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On Feb 7, 2010, at 10:15 AM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org>  

> On Feb 7, 2010, at 07:52, Scott Haneda wrote:
>> On Mac I personally use Interarchy. I feel it curreny is the best  
>> of the offerings. A quick breakdown:
> I used to use Interarchy years ago, and Anarchie before it. I didn't  
> like all the bloat it grew over the years, nor the price tag.

Me too. Anarchie user, and what was it...skins or themes, I made some  
goofy ones.

I too feel it is too expensive but on the merit of you should not  
release an app at that cost and have only one dot update to address  

It did change developers a while back, perhaps that brought with it a  
new line of thought and some ramp up time to learn the code, or rip it  
apart.  I believe there was some family tragedy as well, so I take  
that into consideration.

Bloat I would say is gone. With removal of the traffic watcher, what  
bloat are you in disapproval of?  CyberDuck looks pretty heavy to me  
in their website screenshots.

I'm going to give CyberDuck a weeks try starting next project. I hope  
it works out. I'd love to move to an open FTP. I may also try to  
migrate to MacFuse, but it refuses to talk to some ftpd's, just  
showing me zero byte files in the "ls".

I do look at the price based on my usage. It paid for itself in a  
short days work for how often I use it.

>> Next paid contender would be Panic's Transmit. Transmit is the FTP  
>> app with all the shine and polish as usual.
> I used Transmit too, but got upset when, right after I bought a  
> license, I reported a bug, which got fixed, but only in the next  
> paid version. Have I mentioned I'm not a fan of software you have to  
> pay for?

I got burned by Panic too. Their mp3 player, which I spent  
considerable time reporting bugs against, to eventually buy, to  
eventually have the rug pulled out from under me as it was discontinued.

Then I did not learn my lesson with Unison, bought it, to crash  
stopping bugs, and support going ignored.

I think Panic focuses on one app at a time, and you hope your support  
needs are parallel with whatever app they are working on.

It seems Coda steals from their other apps dev time. Yet here I am,  
with some pretty good dialog with them, albeit general, that the next  
TBA Transmit will be a great app.

I'll give it one more go. But I feel ya, most definitely. The OSS apps  
just lack polish in my opinion, and I simply do not know that type of  
development to give back and improve. CyberDuck looks as close to  
commercial quality software I've seen though.

>> On the free side is Cyberduck. In my opinion, pretty darn close to  
>> Transmit.  Looking over the website, I would say the app progressed  
>> quickly and looks pretty good.
> CyberDuck is what I've used for awhile now. I wouldn't call it  
> fantastic, but it's been good enough that I haven't wanted to look  
> for an alternative.

Does it stay out of your way? I want transparent FTP. I don't need to  
know I'm in an FTP app. I want to be able to slim it down to the main  
window and a transfer monitor.

I do a lot of "edit with (insert text editor)". This means I don't  
want to see much of the app. Make a sound when I remote save, and I  
will be happy.

Can you configure bookmarks to, for example:

ftp.example.com: no passive, tls commands and data, use list -a

ftp.other.example.com: use passive, no tls, custom port range

ftp.all.default.hosts.example.com: a sane set of defaults.

So host based configs for settings of each remote ftpd and their  

>> Oh. There is also Fetch, probably the first OS 9 FTP client on the  
>> scene. I'm pretty sure the developer won the million bucks on Who  
>> Wants To Be A Millionaire. I don't know the state of Fetch, though  
>> I do know had I won a million I may be inclined to take a long  
>> break from my app as well. :)
> Ah, Fetch. The longest-running FTP client I know. It predates OS 9  
> by quite a bit. Heck, it predates System 7 by two years. Not free,  
> by the way.

Isn't there a free version, as in cost? I seem to recall the 8-bit  
running dog icon version around system 8 era, was free of charge,  
everyone used it, I never recall paying for much Internet based  
software in OS 8 days.

Wasn't Claris Emailer free of charge as well?  I did buy webstar,  
EIMS, quickDNS, and Rumpus. Running a server on OS 8 was not cheap. I  
wasn't ready for the command line back then :). I learned protocol  
principles, which was great, but came at steep cost.

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