"sudo port upgrade outdated" fills HDD

Michael Brian Bentley bentley at crenelle.com
Thu Feb 18 09:24:00 PST 2010


I just installed a backup of my dev laptop's drive with 10.5 on a 
mini (whose internal drive recently turned into a brick), and 
upgraded the OS to 10.6. (Yup, Family edition.)

I remember having to tear down and rebuild my whole MacPorts 
entourage on my laptop after the 10.5->10.6 update. Nothing really 
worked properly until I did it.

Is there a reliable, scripted way to do this, instead of the adhoc 
way I chose to do it last time?

I started the process on the mini with an attempted selfupdate, but 
it failed, so right at the git-go the wholesale update process looks 
a bit ragged.



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