Installing MacPorts on Darwin 8 PPC,

Fredrik starkbeats at
Sat Feb 20 22:39:20 PST 2010

Just though of this.

Is it possible to manually set "CoreFoundation framework... no" after I have run configure? Even though it got evaluated as a yes?

21 feb 2010 kl. 07.31 skrev Fredrik:

> 21 feb 2010 kl. 06.44 skrev Joshua Root:
>> On 2010-2-21 11:39 , Fredrik wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'm trying to install MacPorts on Darwin 8 for PPC, and have some
>>> questions about what kind of dependencies there are on a raw Darwin
>>> install for MacPorts to work. After running configure in MacPorts-1.8.1
>>> it gets stuck on missing foundation implementation. 
>>> configure: WARNING: GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT is not defined in your
>>> environment, preventing the use of GNUstep's Foundation library
>>> configure: error: Could not find a working Foundation implementation
>>> I have had a quick look over at gnustep, but what is the bare minimum
>>> that I would need to install? And is it an absolute requirement for
>>> MacPorts to be installed? 
>> <>
>> From your second message it seems like not quite all of the uses of
>> Foundation are turned off in response to the configure args though. Did
>> you make clean before you ran configure again?
>> - Josh
> I just tried it now, but I get the same results, perhaps I should manually delete any folders that are created in /opt as well.
> This is a small sample from configure:
> configure: Not using Objective-C runtime
> configure: Not using Foundation implementation
> checking for CoreFoundation framework... yes
> I don't know why the _CF prefixed symbols can't be found, I found some of them in the framework header files. 
> I think the most fundamental part of CoreFoundation should be included in Darwin as well. Darwin 8 is supposed
> to be equivalent to mac os 10.4 though, could I benefit from using an older version of MacPorts perhaps?
> Thanks for the input.
> Fred

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