MacPorts OS X 10.6.2 install problem

Ian Roache deusxmac at
Wed Feb 24 19:55:20 PST 2010

I think you're right about an OpenDarwin install years ago - completely forgotten. Your suggestion certainly looks like the solution, except that I can't find a way to change the read-only permissions to allow editing. Using mv to replace old with newly-edited files fails because of the same problem. So perhaps uninstall is the only way?



On 25/02/2010, at 7:21 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Feb 24, 2010, at 06:20, Ian Roache wrote:
>> Synchronizing local ports tree from rsync://
> MacPorts used to be hosted on OpenDarwin years ago, but OpenDarwin and that server no longer exist, so you can't connect to it. I suspect you installed MacPorts years ago and those old config files still remain.
> You should probably go into /opt/local/etc/macports and take note of all the new ".default" files in there. If you don't have any customizations in your real config files in there, you can just copy each ".default" file to each real file and be done with it. Or you can manually compare each ".default" and real file and bring over the changes.

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