is there a list of known broken ports?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Jan 3 03:59:20 PST 2010

On Jan 3, 2010, at 05:10, Nehemiah Dacres wrote:

> if there isn't, there could be one differentiated from other tickets because it doesn't require intimate knowledge of macports or the port in question,  any maintainers could contribute. (frankly sometimes it IS a closebrace kind of thing) 
> for example I just got, 
> Error: Target org.macports.activate returned: Image error: /opt/local/lib/libpcre.0.0.1.dylib already exists and does not belong to a registered port.  Unable to activate port pcre.
> Error: The following dependencies failed to build: pcre scons python26 db46 gdbm sqlite3 tk Xft2 xorg-libXScrnSaver xorg-libXext xorg-libX11 xorg-bigreqsproto xorg-inputproto xorg-kbproto xorg-libXau xorg-xproto xorg-libXdmcp xorg-util-macros xorg-xcmiscproto xorg-xextproto xorg-xf86bigfontproto xorg-xtrans xorg-scrnsaverproto
> Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.
> I was trying to build mongodb, I know there's no maintainer but  ... what does it need with python or xorg libs? Spidermonkey is already installed so it doesn't need that and (as you can see) so was PCRE. 

There is not a list of known-broken ports, there is only the issue tracker. There is Jeremy's list of ports with problems compiling on Snow Leopard, but it's not exhaustive.

Why does /opt/local/lib/libpcre.0.0.1.dylib exist on your computer if it was not installed by the pcre port? Did you previously have MacPorts installed (including the pcre port), then attempt to uninstall and reinstall MacPorts? If so, you may have uninstalled incompletely. Correct uninstall instructions are in the Guide.

You can try forcing the activation of pcre with "sudo port -f activate pcre" but if you don't know why the pcre library was already in your MacPorts prefix, this will likely just hide a problem that you have, rather than resolving it. For example, other ports may be in a similar situation. To find out if that's the case, you could run a command like this:

$ find /opt/local/lib -type f -print0 | xargs -0 port provides | grep "not provided"

If you find many libraries in /opt/local/lib that are not registered to a port, you may be better off uninstalling everything and reinstalling.

On Jan 3, 2010, at 05:12, Nehemiah Dacres wrote:

> I am on an iMac g5 (pre iSite) running 10.5.8 macports version 1.8.1

Please use "sudo port selfupdate" to upgrade to MacPorts 1.8.2.

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