MAMP tutorial, second set of eyes

Scott Haneda talklists at
Mon Jan 4 15:16:30 PST 2010

Since I updated to snow, that meant a new MAMP install, along with all my other ports.  I decided, no better time to document the process.

I am doing things a little different than the MAMP page for MP state to do, though I explain my reasons.  For example, I am not sure why phpmyadmin is getting into /opt/local/www unless it is for preparation for htdocs going away one day when Apache 2's layout gets worked on.

I certainly ran into a few gotcha's here and there that I believe a new to MacPorts uses is going to hit.  I also think MAMP is one of the most attractive reasons a user is going to come along to MacPorts so it should be presented as good as possible.

I do not know how well this will incorporate into the wiki, I just wrote it in html, and I also took some liberties to make it rather verbose.  The wiki may not be a good home for it.

Looking for suggestions, pointers, and recommendations on what to do with it, aside from "shove it into a blog and let google have it's way with it".

All in all, it took about 2 days two write up, and certainly could use a second set of eyes, and ideally, someone willing to move /opt/local aside and make MP think it is a new install. They could then follow these steps and see how it all works out for them.

Thanks for any comments.  Look forward to hearing any feedback.  

Should I maybe cross post this to dev?
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