MAMP tutorial, second set of eyes

Bradley Giesbrecht brad at
Sat Jan 9 13:15:02 PST 2010

Let me borrow from Oliver. Without taking time to read all the  
messages in this thread I'll comment that I liked the idea presented  
earlier of wiki pages for installing and configuring MacPorts,  
apache2, mysql5, (php5/perl5/python), phpmyadmin etc... and having the  
wiki MAMP page walk thorough the process referencing the port package  
wiki page for the respective package where appropriate. On each of the  
port package pages referenced by MAMP should/could contain a link to  
the MAMP page.

Scott, great start.

For whatever reason some people may want/need an install prefix other  
then /opt/local. Rather then using a var place holder all over place a  
comment at the top that this documentation assumes you installed to / 
	If you installed to another location substitute that location every  
where you see /opt/local/
	Example: If you installed to /Volumes/ExternalDrive/Macports then / 
opt/local/bin/port becomes /Volumes/ExternalDrive/Macports/bin/port.

// Brad

On Jan 9, 2010, at 10:47 AM, Olivier Le Floch wrote:

> Hi !
> Without unfortunately taking time to read your work yet, the  
> following trac ticket is relevant to this commendable undertaking :
>> "The MAMP howto doesn't match the sample phpMyAdmin config file "
> Regards,
> -- 
> Olivier
> On 5 janv. 2010, at 00:16, Scott Haneda wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Since I updated to snow, that meant a new MAMP install, along with  
>> all my other ports.  I decided, no better time to document the  
>> process.
>> I am doing things a little different than the MAMP page for MP  
>> state to do, though I explain my reasons.  For example, I am not  
>> sure why phpmyadmin is getting into /opt/local/www unless it is for  
>> preparation for htdocs going away one day when Apache 2's layout  
>> gets worked on.
>> I certainly ran into a few gotcha's here and there that I believe a  
>> new to MacPorts uses is going to hit.  I also think MAMP is one of  
>> the most attractive reasons a user is going to come along to  
>> MacPorts so it should be presented as good as possible.
>> I do not know how well this will incorporate into the wiki, I just  
>> wrote it in html, and I also took some liberties to make it rather  
>> verbose.  The wiki may not be a good home for it.
>> Looking for suggestions, pointers, and recommendations on what to  
>> do with it, aside from "shove it into a blog and let google have  
>> it's way with it".
>> All in all, it took about 2 days two write up, and certainly could  
>> use a second set of eyes, and ideally, someone willing to move /opt/ 
>> local aside and make MP think it is a new install. They could then  
>> follow these steps and see how it all works out for them.
>> Thanks for any comments.  Look forward to hearing any feedback.
>> Should I maybe cross post this to dev?
>> -- 
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