Installation documentation needs updating?

Andrew Grimm andrew.j.grimm at
Sat Jan 9 21:05:54 PST 2010

I suspect that documentation for installing MacPorts and X11 is only
partially updated for more recent versions of OS X.

With regards to the wiki page "InstallingMacPorts" at :

In "1. Install Xcode Tools", step 3 talks about adding the X11 SDK to
the default items, but the notes of "2. Install XWindows (X11)" say
that it is now installed by default.
( also says that
the X11 SDK became part of the Xcode default a while ago)

In "2. Install XWindows (X11)", it doesn't mention X11 being part of
the default install for the operating system for Snow Leopard. (It
telling you how to check if it exists is useful though).

In the notes section of part 2, it gives information on how to check
if X11 and X11SDK is installed, but I can't find X11User.pkg or
X11SDK.pkg in /Library/Receipts on my computer (Snow Leopard).

Similar information may need updating in

Can anyone confirm what I've come across?


Andrew Grimm

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