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Joshua Root jmr at
Mon Jan 18 18:59:17 PST 2010

On 2010-1-19 13:22 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Jan 18, 2010, at 20:11, Thomas De Contes wrote:
>>> Old versions of MacPorts and snapshots of the ports tree are available
>>> via http from <> or
>>> <>.
>> well, maybe i could get the sources with a computer which has svn, and then make a rsync server with them
> You can save yourself the trouble of setting up an rsync server. If all you want is to get the last ports tree that works with an OS version, you're only going to be checking it out once, so you can just copy that over to your older machine and set your sources.conf to point to that directory.

Why even check it out with svn? Just use the appropriate archive tarball.

>> so, the ports won't stay compatible with 10.4 ? i'll have to get and keep them too ?
> Ports are already beginning to become incompatible with 10.4. Port maintainers and upstream software developers are testing on Snow Leopard now, and sometimes still on Leopard, but on Tiger less often. 10.4-specific bugs and incompatibilities are thus more likely to slip in. Whether they can or do get fixed depends on maintainer or developer willingness.
> If a future version of MacPorts base becomes incompatible with 10.4, yes, you should then stick with the last set of ports made at that time. Not only will later portfiles assume you are running a supported OS version, later portfiles will also likely use features only available in that later version of MacPorts, so you would otherwise start encountering errors about unknown commands.
> I personally am in favor of retaining 10.4 support as long as possible, and at this point we have no concrete plans to stop 10.4 support in base. But there may come a day when a feature is added to base that doesn't work on 10.4 -- like the privilege escalation code that was added last year which made base incompatible with 10.3. Or we may follow our existing habits and make 10.4 unsupported as soon as 10.7 comes out.

Tiger is *already* unsupported as per the project-wide policy of
supporting the two latest release of OS X. Individual maintainers are of
course free to support whatever OS releases they like, modulo what base
works on.

You're right that we won't deliberately break base on older OS versions,
but OTOH the only reason there are Tiger dmgs for the current release
series is that blb and I happen to have old machines lying around that
run 10.4, and it's very little extra effort to run "sudo port dmg
MacPorts" on one of them when doing a release. If making these available
is giving the wrong impression I might just stop.

- Josh

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