Latest PHP and MySQL on PPC G4 Mac

Peter Oakley peteo at
Thu Jan 28 10:39:05 PST 2010

Been using MacPorts for nearly two years now, mainly for PHP and  
MySQL. These and a number of related apps are by now outdated, and so  
I'm testing "port -v upgrade outdated" to bring everything up to  
date. This process hangs at a couple points (specifically, while  
installing xorg-libXext), but after a couple reboots and running the  
port upgrade command again a couple times, everything on my Test Web  
Server now appears to be current. Port outdated reports "No installed  
ports are outdated."

But now my PHP does not seem to be connecting with MySQL anymore! And  
when I examine php info(), I see this build does not appear to be  
configured "with--mysql". Does the current MacPorts build of PHP no  
longer include MySQL connectivity?

My previous version of PHP was php5 @5.3.0_1+apache+macosx+mysql5,  
and the build configuration in php info() includes '--with-mysql=/opt/ 
p5/work/mysql5'. The upgraded version of PHP is php5 @5.3.1_1+apache 
+macosx+mysql5, and it does NOT contain any '--with-mysql'. Why would  
that be?

The older version php info() includes sections for mysql and mysqli,  
but the new version php info() has only mysqlnd.

  So can anyone suggest what accounts for these significant  
differences, and why my PHP is no longer talking to MySQL? Thanks,  
hope you'all can shed some light.

My Test Web Server is running Mac OS X v10.4.11 with all available  
Software Updates installed. My test server is a single-processor G4  
PPC Mac, and the production server I'd like to have all this latest  
PHP and MySQL working on is a Dual G4 PPC Mac. Both are using Apache  
that comes with Mac OS X (not Apache 2), and PHP and MySQL are from  

    - Pete O

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