InsightToolKit did not build

Darren Weber dweber at
Thu Jan 28 13:40:38 PST 2010

Part of the build is the documentation installation, which is easily turned
off with "-doc".  If you also turn off the python wrapping, using "-py25",
that should disable both shared libs and the extra wrapping builds.  (I've
never tested the build with that config.)  If you do want shared libs,
without python wrapping, use a combination of "-py25 +shared".

Take care,

On Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 9:01 PM, Frank J. R. Hanstick <trog24 at>wrote:

> Hello,
>        I am not going to ask you to build on the 466 MHz, that might take
> you to until the next decade.
>        Sounds like Apple needs to do a little work on the intel scheduler.
>  Even running with both cpu's at or near 100% (which means a faster bus
> would not buy me very much since I am getting 100% cpu usage at a 13:1
> cpu:bus ratio), I only notice a slowdown when trying to launch new
> applications.  Once up and running, there is not much difference in response
> time.  PPC G4's range between 1.25 to 1.5 the throughput rate of equivalent
> Intel cpu's due to an average of 1.8 (maximum of 3) completed instructions
> per clock cycle.  You have a 2.75:1 cpu:bus ratio, so I wonder what the hold
> up is.
>        I think I might need a faster bus if I could get a hold of dual core
> e600's (the inside of my PPC 7448) which Freescale does not make.  Right now
> they only make a single core e600 µ-Processor and a dual core e600
> µ-Controller.
> On Jan 1, 2010, at 6:29 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> On Jan 1, 2010, at 20:08, Frank J. R. Hanstick wrote:
>>  It is not very encouraging that it took so long your system.  I only have
>>> a dual 1.73 GHz PowerPC G4 on a 133 MHz bus (I am assuming you have a dual
>>> core intel with a faster bus) and 1 MB RAM.  Disk space is not a problem
>>> (165 GB available).
>> Yes, my MacBook Pro has an 800-MHz bus and two cores, but I instructed
>> MacPorts to only use one of them ("sudo port install InsightToolkit
>>") because using both cores for this build was making the
>> machine too slow for other tasks.
>>  This is the fourth time that I hit the same error.  I am wondering of the
>>> problem is trying to build to a PPC G4.  I am going to take a quick look at
>>> the source code (downloaded itk via CVS from the site) after filing a bug
>>> report.
>> Yes, it's certainly possible that the port doesn't work on PowerPC. I
>> haven't tested it. My 466-MHz Power Mac G4 would probably take a week to
>> finish the build so I'm not keen to try it...
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