Howto force i386 build on Snow Leopard / macports 1.8.2

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Sun Jan 31 04:51:35 PST 2010


look at other 32bit only ports, change the portfile accordingly and then try whether it builds ok :)
Wine and Dosbox are examples that I know of that build in 32bit only.

Good luck.

> Can anyone give some guidance as to how to force macports to build openvpn 
> i386 executable only (and not x86_64) under Snow Leopard / macports 1.8.2 
> as this appears the only way to get the macport of openvpn to work at 
> present.
> Details below and apologies for the duplicate post but I thought it may be 
> helpful if the subject contained the primary question I need help with.
> Regards...
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> Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 10:54:06 +0000
> From: Michael Hieb <michael.hieb at>
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> Subject: Installing OPENVPN2 as i386 on Snow Leopard
> Apologies if this is covered in the documentation or archives. I've looked and
> not found the clue I need.
> Problem: openvpn2 (@ installed as default or universal on snow leopard
> has a bug in which it is unable to detect the default gateway and consequently
> cannot set up the proper routing tables. This was covered in a ticket from last
> year.
> To my knowledge no progress on the macport, though there is a patch apparently
> submitted to openvpn for linux and windows.
> The macport ticket reports that if openvpn2 is installed as an i386 executable
> that the bug can be circumvented. The problem is that I haven't been able to
> figure out how to build openvpn2 as an i386 executable. Preferably I'd like to
> change the settings only for openvpn2 and not the entire macports installation.
> I have tried to date setting the configure.cflags-append in the openvpn2
> portfile. e.g.
> configure.cflags-append = "-arch i386"
> and find the executable fails to build with multiple architectures (i386 and
> x86_64)
> I also tried to use a build_arch directive in the portfile but that is
> apparently not the correct place to use this directive.
> Apologies if I have overlooked the obvious and thanks for any clue provided.
> Michael
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