Getting gcc4.4 to work with XCode

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Jan 31 09:15:05 PST 2010

I'm assuming you meant to send this to the list too, so I'm Cc'ing the list on this reply.

On Jan 31, 2010, at 11:06, Prokash Sinha wrote:

> I don't know if you could grab gcc44 source, then build it. If that could be done, then you could configure the tree as follows -
> ./configure --prefix=<Your choice for the path to install>
> make
> make install
> This way you can have a private installation path for example /Users/UserId/gcc44/
> then you can always use make to build your app.

Presumably you could build gcc by hand, yes. Of course the point of using MacPorts is to prevent you from having to figure out how to compile things yourself. Just "sudo port install gcc44", wait a couple hours, and it's done.

> Alternative, you give the installation path that overwrites existing compiler or it might even create symlinks there for different versions, and perhaps you could use it with Xcode framework ( including the IDE)!!

I really cannot recommend overwriting any component provided by Apple. It may not have the same functionality as the Apple version (e.g. Apple's gcc can build for multiple architectures simultaneously, a feature often used to build universal binaries, while the FSF's plain gcc cannot do this), and a future Apple software update (or in this case installing a later version of Xcode) may overwrite your changes.

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