atlas depends on gcc43 *and* gcc44 ???

Scott Webster sewebster at
Tue Jun 1 17:08:12 PDT 2010

> On 2010-6-1 05:48 , Chris Jones wrote:
>> Does it make sense that atlas requires two different compilers ??
> It doesn't actually, the flat registry just thinks it does.
> <>
> The default compiler used by atlas was recently switched from gcc43 to
> gcc44, which is additionally problematic in that this causes multiple
> gcc versions to be installed when installing some ports.
> <>
> - Josh

Is there a downside to having atlas depend on gcc44 while everything
else depends on gcc43?  Also, is it "worthwhile" to eliminate this
errant dependency now, rather than later (presumably by removing and
reinstalling atlas)?  I would guess that upcoming changes in 1.9 will
not retroactively solve such problems...


PS Is there any way to respond to a thread "properly" if you receive
digested mails from this list?  I assume that my just editing the
subject will not be sufficient for proper threading, we'll see...

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