unable to install Alpine on Mac OS X

dushanm at spinn.net dushanm at spinn.net
Fri Jun 11 08:56:23 PDT 2010

dushanm at spinn.net wrote:
> Ryan, I'm attaching two files: one (portinstAlpine.trm) that's the debug
> terminal output when I tried the install the first time, using MacPorts 
> 1.8.2, and the other (main.log) the log-file generated when I tried it
> just recently after doing a selfupdate to MacPorts 1.9.0.  I didn't know
> which would be more helpful, so am including them both. 

Oops, my apologies to all.  I didn't realize the attachments would get
spliced into the mailing list and inflate it so. 

 - Dushan

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