Problem with macports install, any help greatly appreciated

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Jun 12 09:23:03 PDT 2010

On Jun 12, 2010, at 11:19, John Essam wrote:

> Thanks Ryan and everyone, very impressed with all the help, to be honest the best support I have ever come across with anything, free or paid for, spot on. I wish I could help other in the forum but you guys seem way above what I know. The gimp program seems to work fantastically, much better than with the OX install package on the gimp page, that's just my opinion. So basically anytime I want to install a freeware or shareware product I do it through Macports 	sudo port install (name of product). Is there other stuff I can do with Macports?

MacPorts does many things, all centered around helping you install software. "sudo port install foo" is the basis. Some ports have optional features that can be enabled or enabled; see "port variants foo" for a list. To keep your software up to date, periodically run "sudo port selfupdate" and then "port outdated" and "sudo port upgrade outdated". If you don't want a particular port anymore, "sudo port uninstall foo" will get rid of it. (Its dependencies will stay, however; if you want to get rid of those too, there are commands to deal with uninstalling so-called "leaves" -- ports you didn't specifically request.)

The Guide explains some of this, but is not up-to-date with the features just released in MacPorts 1.9.0.

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