Can't find Kate in KDE packages

Hal Vaughan hal at
Sun Jun 13 18:27:21 PDT 2010

On Jun 13, 2010, at 8:07 PM, Scott Webster wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 2:10 PM, Hal Vaughan <hal at> wrote:
>> I've found a few pages, when Googling, that reference people using Kate on MacPorts.  In one case it's a command line to run it.  In that case, they're running from /Applications/MacPorts/KDE4/, but I don't see that in my KDE4 folder and I don't see Kate as a separate package in MacPorts.  I also don't see a way to search listings of ports to see if a package provides a particular program (a file, yes, but not a program if it has a different name than the file).
>> What do I need to install to get Kate on KDE4?
> Kate is in kdebase, so I would assume that in macports that it is in
> the kdebase4 port (for kde4, kdebase3 for kde3).
> If you have kdebase4 installed you should be able to run "port
> contents kdebase4" to see which files it has installed, one of which
> should be the executable for kate.

Thanks for the "contents" command for port.  I'm going through it, but, of course, when you're new you miss a few things and I was looking more for something that would search all packages.  I did check, using "contents," the kdebase4 package, but found no reference to kate anywhere in there.  I did find, under the kappfinder directory (/opt/local/share/apps/kappfinder/apps) indications of many programs that I don't see listed anywhere on my system.  I also used the find command (as in from the shell, not a port command) to see if I could find it and did find a director, katepart (/opt/local/share/apps/katepart).  My guess is it's in there and if I could actually start KDE in some way that I might be able to run it from the menu, but I'm not sure.  But no matter what I did, I could NOT find a file named "kate" and on Linux, I know that's the filename.

I would think, as you pointed out, that it'd be in the kdebase4, but I can't find an executable in there, not within /opt/local, or within /Applications/MacPorts (I'm using find ./ -name *kate*).

Thanks for the idea, but it doesn't seem to be there -- but I'm willing to be proven an idiot if someone can show me that it's obvious and I missed it!


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