py26-wxpython trouble (even without pgAdmin3)

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Jun 14 15:45:00 PDT 2010

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On Jun 14, 2010, at 17:01, Jim Busser wrote:

> On 2010-06-14, at 1:04 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> Hiatus... Did you have MacPorts installed before? And were you at that time running Leopard, not Snow Leopard? If so, that would explain the problems you're reporting. See the Migration page in the wiki for instructions.
> No, I am familiar with the caution about migration, and had anyway been running Snow Leopard the whole time, and did anyway as an extra precaution uninstall and clean all previous MacPorts before installing 1.9.0
> Accordingly if my post from earlier in this today-thread can be re-looked at, that would be great.

Ok, let me reexamine:

On Jun 14, 2010, at 14:59, Jim Busser wrote:

> 	sudo port -d install py26-psycopg2 +postgresql84
> which gave several architecture warnings, among the first of which was
> 	ld: warning: in Parser/acceler.o, file was built for unsupported file format which is not the architecture being linked (i386)

So, you didn't ask for the universal variant. And it's trying to do something with i386.

What kind of Mac is this -- 32-bit or 64-bit? If 64-bit, then under snow leopard the default arch is x86_64 not i386 so I would wonder why it was trying to build anything for i386.

What is the value of the build_arch variable in your macports.conf?

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