inconsistent dependency information

Joshua Root jmr at
Tue Jun 15 16:17:13 PDT 2010

On 2010-6-16 08:55 , Scott Webster wrote:
> Ok, so now I have a similar, but perhaps more complicated issue that
> just arose somehow.  The yasm port is required by x264 at build time
> for 64-bit.
> [~@swmb]$ port dependents yasm
> yasm has no dependents.
> This is not unexpected since it is just a build dep.
> [~@swmb]$ port info x264
> x264 @20100412 (multimedia)
> Variants:             asm, universal
> Description:          x264 is a free library for encoding H264/AVC
> video streams. The code is written by Laurent Aimar, Eric Petit(OS X),
> Min Chen
>                       (vfw/nasm), Justin Clay(vfw), Måns Rullgård and
> Loren Merritt from scratch. It is released under the terms of the GPL
> license.
> Homepage:   
> Build Dependencies:   yasm
> Platforms:            darwin
> License:              unknown
> Maintainers:          devans at, openmaintainer at
> [~@swmb]$ port echo depof:x264
> yasm
> The above two commands show that macports "knows" that yasm is a
> (build) dependency.
> [~@swmb]$ port_cutleaves -b -l
> yasm @1.0.0_0
> But here the previously reliable-to-figure-this-out port_cutleaves
> shows yasm as a leaf, even with the -b (exclude build deps) option.
> The reason seems to be that x264 doesn't insert the build-dep on yasm
> into the registry:

Build deps have never been recorded in the registry. The important thing
here is what's in the index. x264 only depends on yasm if you are on
Snow Leopard and building for x86_64, or if the asm variant is set. This
is the sort of situation that prompted the switch in 1.9 from a single
PortIndex generated on the server to one for each supported platform.
Are you running 1.9.0?

- Josh

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