Adding configure options when installing a port

Joshua Root jmr at
Wed Jun 16 10:25:03 PDT 2010

On 2010-6-17 03:19 , Richard Tobin wrote:
> I thought this would be trivial, but I'm baffled...
> I want to build a port with an extra configure option.  Specifically,
> I want to build squid3 with the --enable-useragent-log option.
> After some searching around, it appeared that
>   port install squid3 configure.args-append=--enable-useragent-log
> ought to do it, but it seems to have no effect.  The argument is
> not passed to configure.
> How do I do this?

Edit the portfile. configure.args-append is a procedure, not a variable.
You can set variables on the command line but you can't call procedures.

- Josh

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