selfupdate fails

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Jun 17 12:14:10 PDT 2010

On Jun 17, 2010, at 13:58, Marko Käning wrote:

>> Well, can your C compiler create executables? Is Xcode properly installed? Check the config.log for more details!
> up to now i never had problems with my macports and Xcode installation…
> config.log says this:
> ---
> configure:3002: checking for gcc
> configure:3018: found /opt/local/bin/no_default_gcc/gcc
> configure:3029: result: gcc
> configure:3258: checking for C compiler version
> configure:3267: gcc --version >&5
> gcc --version
> gcc: Error: You should be using ${}
> See


> UsingTheRightCompiler rings a bell! :) You hinted that out to me when I introduced the makeicns port.
> But I didn't expect to see a message like this when I do an upgrade to 1.9.0…
> I wonder how to proceed from here.

You made the changes described in UsingTheRightCompiler to discover when ports are not using the etc. variables. You have now discovered that MacPorts itself does not use when selfupdating. See:

That ticket says this was supposed to have been fixed.... If it's not, the ticket should be re-opened.

Until it's fixed, you will need to undo the changes described in UsingTheRightCompiler in order to proceed. (I generally just edit the binpath and change /opt/local/bin/no_default_gcc by one character, e.g. change it to /opt/local/bin/no_default_gccx (a path that doesn't exist) so that when I later want to re-enable it again I just have to change one character to do so.

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