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On 6/20/10 9:27 AM, Brandon S Allbery KF8NH wrote:
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> On 6/20/10 11:10 , John B Brown wrote:
>>      Thank you for that set of directions. Why did the variable not change
>> when I performed the write using sudo but changed only when I performed the
>> write as myself? I am set for ALL in sudoers. Is that variable stored in
>> some 'very private' place?
> It's stored in a per-user location (~/Library/Preferences). If you do it as
> sudo, it changes the global one in /Library/Preferences; but if you already
> have a user preference file (and you do, because creates it) that
> won't affect your existing setting.

	Is my installation wrong? I have no settings for 
'org.macosforge.xquartz.x11' in /Library/Preferences. In fact there are 
no x11 settings of any sort at that location. Doing 'ls -R' at 
/Library/Preferences produces only one 'org.' setting; 

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