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michael roy mroy16 at
Tue Jun 29 12:44:59 PDT 2010

Sorry for the dumb question, I'm new to this.

So i downloaded MacPorts just fine. I searched around, and decided I would
install the game barrage. The install went fine, but now I don't know how to
run the game! I found the Unix Executable File in the directory, but opening
the file just opens terminal, the screen goes black like a full-screen app
is starting, and then it goes back to the normal screen, with Terminal
displaying this:

new-host:~ mroy$
/opt/local/var/macports/software/barrage/1.0.2_0/opt/local/bin/barrage ;
BARRAGE v1.0.2
Copyright 2003-2005 Michael Speck (
Released under Gnu GPL
main loop delay: 0 ms
loading /opt/local/share/games/barrage/gfx/ground.bmp ... Width or height is
too large
0 images deleted
0 fonts deleted
0 sounds deleted

[Process completed]

Sorry again if this is a dumb question, but I need help!
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