configuring munin-node

Brooks Boyd boydb at
Sat Mar 13 08:31:32 PST 2010

 So, I'm trying to add my Mac running OS 10.4 as a munin node, connecting to
my home webserver (a Gentoo Linux box), and can't seem to get the plugins to
work right on the mac, and finding very little documentation on the web for
this implementation through MacPorts.

I ran "sudo port install munin" to install just the node version, and indeed
if I now run the command "telnet localhost 4949", I get a munin node prompt.
However issuing a "list" command at that prompt gives nothing (no plugins

I have made symbolic links to the "munin_*" plugins in
/opt/local/lib/munin/plugins, pointing to /opt/local/etc/munin/plugins/. I
also added the SNMP plugins to that directory, renaming snmp__load to
snmp_localhost_load, but I get errors that it can't find the SNMP library,
which I installed from MacPorts as well.

Anyone able to help me get this up and running?
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