Port upgrade and existing options

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Tue Mar 16 10:55:10 PDT 2010

On Mar 16, 2010, at 7:57 AM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Mar 16, 2010, at 09:41, Scott Haneda wrote:
>> I ran port outdatded and have a pretty good sized list. Some are critical , others not. Critical apps will not get upgraded today.
>> Nom critical will.
>> Do I need to figure out what options I applied to the outdated ports when I first installed?
>> Or for example, if php5 was installed +universal, on port upgrade php5 will it be upgraded with +universal as well as all the other +bits I needed at the time?
> Positive variants (e.g. +universal) are recorded in the registry and are thus remembered at upgrade time. (Surely you've been using MacPorts long enough that you've observed this by now?)

Oddly no.  I have been hit with bad drives, messed up installed, and other things (no MP related) that always cause me to end up feeling a lot better nking off /opt and starting over, so I get a fresh set more then most.

I am also making one nasty port, and the only way I now to test it in a way that will mimic what a new install is, for a new user, is to move aside my /opt and start over.  I usually get into it deep enough, it makes sense for me to just keep the updated stuff, and go from there.  So my port upgrade is more like erase and reinstall, which has finally come to a stop.
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