php script that helps install variants and deps

Danilo Moncastro Sabbagh toreador at
Thu Mar 18 20:14:34 PDT 2010

It searchs for the port deps make a list than order it backwards ( which is poor ) then display the list.
after that it goes afetr every individual port from that list displaying its variables  asking for changes ( and saving it to a file inside ~/.pisntall ) Then he builds the port.  and move to next. 

that way i avoid to build stuff with incorrect variants  when i build em as a dependency for something..   

On Mar 18, 2010, at 21:46 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Mar 18, 2010, at 15:00, Kkobold wrote:
>> pinstall 
>> Its a simple and very young script to install ports and their deps checking
>> for individual variants.
>> Its not beautiful and it is kinda buggy.
>> If anyone want to help with it and fell that this could become a project let
>> me know.  i will be pleased to develop it. but if no one think its needed  
>> i will leave as it is.. caus its good enought for me now.  =)
> Perhaps you could explain in detail what it does, and why using it is better than using the port command directly?

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