pdftk and snow leopard 10.6.2

Markus Ueberall Markus.Ueberall at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 02:43:55 PDT 2010


On 2010-03-18 14:24, Yue-Jun Yin wrote:
>I installed macports 1.8 for OSX 10.6 and pdftk 1.4 obtained from here

Before updating from OSX 10.5.8, I luckily made a backup of /opt/local.
When I was unable to reinstall the pdftk port, I managed to use the old
binary w/o any problems (read: works for me). If you want to give it a
try, the following archive contains both the binary and the needed gcj
library (which I keep in /opt/local.10_5_8/ until the build problems
w.r.t. the gcc42 port are resolved):


It can be installed with "sudo tar --use-compress-program=lzma -C / -xvf
macports-pdftk141.tar.lzma" (you may want to have a look at the contents
first, though :))

Ad astra, Markus

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