php5-imagick fails to load

Bradley Giesbrecht brad at
Mon Mar 22 14:23:00 PDT 2010


I performed a port selfudate followed by port upgrade outdated. fails to load.

port installed php5-imagick
The following ports are currently installed:
  php5-imagick @2.3.0_2 (active)

file /opt/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626/
Mach-O bundle ppc

php -m
PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/opt/local/ 
lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626/' - dlopen(/opt/ 
local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20090626/, 9):  
Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libMagickWand.2.dylib
  Referenced from: /opt/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non- 
  Reason: image not found in Unknown on line 0

ls /opt/local/lib/libMagick*
/opt/local/lib/libMagick++.3.dylib	/opt/local/lib/libMagick++.dylib	/ 
opt/local/lib/libMagickCore.3.dylib	/opt/local/lib/ 
libMagickCore.dylib	/opt/local/lib/libMagickWand.3.dylib	/opt/local/ 
/opt/local/lib/libMagick++.a		/opt/local/lib/		/opt/ 
local/lib/libMagickCore.a		/opt/local/lib/		/opt/local/ 
lib/libMagickWand.a		/opt/local/lib/

Rebuilding php5-imagick appears to have solved my problem.

I'm guessing a newer version of ImageMagick changed the name of  
libMagickWand.2.dylib to libMagickWand.3.dylib.

// Brad

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