Is there a way to get the previous version of any package?

Kok-Yong Tan ktan at
Thu Mar 25 11:20:23 PDT 2010

On Mar 24, 2010, at 02:18, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Mar 24, 2010, at 01:05, Kok-Yong Tan wrote:
>> Forgot to ask:  Which rev of 1.2.3 did you use to restore  
>> wireshark to functionality?  Since I wiped MacPorts by deleting  
>> the /opt/local tree, I've now to got to manually pull out the  
>> correct rev.
> I used the revision of the zlib port immediately preceding the  
> update to 1.2.4: r62696.

Is there any way to reliably stop wireshark (without messing with the  
Portfile) from keeping on getting the zlib 1.2.4 release even though  
I've deactivated it and activated the zlib 1.2.3 release? I've even  
gone so far as to uninstall zlib 1.2.4 when MacPorts wasn't ignoring  
the inactive zlib 1.2.4.

I've tried deactivating, cleaning (with --dist) and then uinstalling  
zlib 1.2.4 prior to deactivating, cleaning, uninstalling and then  
installing wireshark but when I re-install wireshark, it keeps on  
pulling in the zlib 1.2.4 package.  What I've had to do to get it to  
use the zlib 1.2.3 package is to start an install of wireshark going,  
wait till it's done installing the zlib 1.2.4 package and going onto  
something else before using another window to quickly uninstall zlib  
1.2.4 and install zlib 1.2.3 while wireshark is being built in the  
other window but this seems a very dangerous and Rube Goldberg-like  
maneuver to me.
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