Is there a way to get the previous version of any package?

Kok-Yong Tan ktan at
Thu Mar 25 11:37:37 PDT 2010

On Mar 25, 2010, at 14:21, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Mar 25, 2010, at 13:20, Kok-Yong Tan wrote:
>> Is there any way to reliably stop wireshark (without messing with  
>> the Portfile) from keeping on getting the zlib 1.2.4 release even  
>> though I've deactivated it and activated the zlib 1.2.3 release?  
>> I've even gone so far as to uninstall zlib 1.2.4 when MacPorts  
>> wasn't ignoring the inactive zlib 1.2.4.
>> I've tried deactivating, cleaning (with --dist) and then  
>> uinstalling zlib 1.2.4 prior to deactivating, cleaning,  
>> uninstalling and then installing wireshark but when I re-install  
>> wireshark, it keeps on pulling in the zlib 1.2.4 package.  What  
>> I've had to do to get it to use the zlib 1.2.3 package is to start  
>> an install of wireshark going, wait till it's done installing the  
>> zlib 1.2.4 package and going onto something else before using  
>> another window to quickly uninstall zlib 1.2.4 and install zlib  
>> 1.2.3 while wireshark is being built in the other window but this  
>> seems a very dangerous and Rube Goldberg-like maneuver to me.
> MacPorts follows dependencies automatically. To tell it not to do  
> so, use the -n switch.
> sudo port -n install wireshark

Got it.  Thanks.  The man page for port (even after a "port  
selfupdate" to 1.8.2) states that the -n switch is "only for  
upgrading" so that's what threw me since I wasn't doing an upgrade  
but an install of wireshark.
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