how do i generate the kdelibs3 documentation when building kdelibs?

Norman Khine norman at
Thu Mar 25 13:57:10 PDT 2010

i am trying to build kdevelop and am installing the all the required
packages as per
i have installed kdelibs3 as:

$ sudo port -v install kdelibs3 +with_doxygen

but i still get the following warning:

config.status: executing depfiles commands

You have no kdelibs documentation generated by Doxygen installed.
You should install Doxygen from, reconfigure
and rebuild the kdelibs sources. You should 'make apidox' and
'make install' in your kdelibs build dir, and then rerun this
configure script.

how do i generate the kdelibs3 documentation ?


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