inkscape compile problem

~suv suv-sf at
Mon Mar 29 00:06:24 PDT 2010

On 29/3/10 04:47, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Mar 28, 2010, at 21:44, ~suv wrote:
>> Compiling Inkscape 0.47 fails due to the upgrade of poppler to
>> 0.12.4
>> corresponding upstream bug report: Bug #487038 in Inkscape: “0.47
>> build error with poppler 0.12.2 on Linux”: 
>> <>
>> Untested: the patch attached to comment #4 of that report should be
>>  added to the inkscape @0.47 port.
> The patch in comment #4 should NOT be added; further comments later
> in the bug report (e.g. comment #6) explain how horrible that patch
> is. We should probably be using whatever fix is being talked about in
> comment #19 instead.

The reason why comment #6 says it's a 'bad' solution (Inkscape using an
internal API that has changed in recent poppler releases) has not been
addressed in Inkscape trunk. That patch [1] is the only way to compile
Inkscape with poppler >= 0.12.2 at the moment and is used in Inkscape
trunk too (but there it now conditionally tests for the installed
poppler version - added in r9217 and improved in r9231. This is what
comment #19 talks about).


[1] the one from comment #4 - I don't know what the variations of it
which are used by some linux distributions do differently.

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