firefox-x11 & matplotlib

Pau vim.unix at
Wed Mar 31 13:57:00 PDT 2010


sorry for the spamming... I have too many questions because I am in
the process of migrating to macosx after many years of OpenBSD

I have seen that firefox-x11 fails at building when getting to
xulrunner, as in this ticket:

Six months ago jeremyhu said that "You will need to have some patience
and let the upstream devs work on the problem"

I was wondering whether there has been some progress or what the plans are.

Also, regarding matplotlib, I would like to ask the same question. I
try to used macosx some five weeks ago and I had to install it by
resorting to that superpack but I would like to ask whether macports
has it now up and running. A colleague said that it is not working. Is
that right?



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