Steve Morris steve at
Sat May 1 09:42:51 PDT 2010


The install worked (didn't give an error) but the install didn't run
the test suite so I am not sure that what was installed worked. This
package comes with a bunch of tests. Also I know that Mac::Growl has a
bunch of dependencies on other CPAN packages but I had already
installed the p5- versions of those so dependencies  didn't get
tested. "port deps p5-mac-growl" doesn't list any dependancies so this
is probably a problem. I know at a minimum it depends on Mac::Glue and
some Applescript stuff. These should have been listed.

Other general development questions:

I'll save this email for future reference. You suggest that I could
have built it in the port directory without running portindex. That
sounds like it could be useful. How would that work?

cpan2port isn't in my path and "port search cpan2port" doesn't find
it. Is it part of macports? Lots of tickets reference it but the wiki
search doesn't seem to find any documentation. What am I missing?

Thanks for the help.


PS. Next time I'll remember cpan2port and try it myself before asking.

On Sat, May 1, 2010 at 11:34 AM, Bradley Giesbrecht <brad at> wrote:
> On May 1, 2010, at 8:18 AM, Steve Morris wrote:
>> Thanks Brad,
>> I'm trying but I am new at this. I apologize but I need a little more
>> info than the local-repositories guide and the ticket offers. I edited
>> sources.conf, and created a ~/ports directory to match the URL I added
>> but I don't know what to put inside that directory. Presumably the
>> Portfile in the ticket you created but where does it go? Which
>> subdirectory do I create for it? And what is the port command do I
>> need to use it. I'm guessing "port install p5-mac-growl"?
>> Steve
>>> Steve, if you don't already have a local repo to try out this port look
>>> here
>>> to learn how to set one up:
> Easy.
> port search p5-*
> This will give you a list of all the p5 (perl modules) in macports.
> Picking one of them lets see what category macports keeps p5's in.
> port dir p5-algorithm-annotate
> Now cd to your local repo and create your category and port dir.
> cd ~/ports
> mkdir -p perl/p5-mac-growl
> Now cd to your port dir and grab the file. I'm choosing to use curl but how
> ever you want to get it there is fine.
> cd perl/p5-mac-growl
> curl -O
> Now you could just build the port while in the port dir but for the sake of
> learning lets let port know about our new port.
> cd ~/ports
> portindex
> port dir p5-mac-grow
> Now that port is aware of your new port you can install it as any other
> port.
> port install p5-mac-grow
> // Brad

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