Problems with kdepim4 especially akonadi and nepomuk on snow leopard

Uwe Krüger uwe at
Mon May 17 08:20:03 PDT 2010

as I have access to a kolab server, I want to try kontact as client on my
snow leopard mac.

Works fine in virtual box with kubuntu 10.

Trying to install via macports however leads to some problems I can't
resolve without help. Maybe someone can give me hints regarding

The installation itself throws no errors. First I had some trouble with qt4
and qmysql, I fixed this copying the drivers from qt4+mysql. Now
starting any of the pim-applications gives an error starting the akonadi-
server. One problem is the missing nepomuk server. I can start that
manually, what gives 5 ugly icons in the dock, but it works. What I do
not get over is the missing resource agents. Searching in terminal with
find, I find no candidate being such an agent. I find no application to
add kde resources manually and no config-file for this purpose. Neither I
found a documentation telling where I should find what in the macports
installation of kde.

Besides does not start for the mentioned reasons. But
korganizer shows the akonadi self test first and then starts. There I can
open my mailbox (configured with the kolabwizard) and see me inbox.
The organizer gets no contact to the server so no appointments or todos
are shown.

Has anyone an idea or a link to some docs?

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