After latest updates, Gramps crashes on startup - the problem seems to be with Platypus

David Rowe drowe at
Wed May 19 14:30:33 PDT 2010

On 19/05/2010 21:49, Brandon Allbery wrote:
> Next step would be to check for other environment differences, then.  
> Add "env > $HOME/gramps-env" to the script and then run "env | diff 
> gramps-env -" after launching it.
The environment for the terminal session contained:

but the environment for the Platypus-launched session did not.
(There were other differences, but that looked like the important one)

So I added:

export LANG

to the Platypus script and now Gramps launches OK via Platypus - thanks. 
Problem solved.

So it looks as if something in at least one of these modules:
gettext @0.18_0
python26 @2.6.5_1+darwin
glib2 @2.24.1_0+darwin
gtk2 @2.20.1_0+x11
atk @1.30.0_0

now uses $LANG  - whereas earlier versions did not.


David Rowe

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